Return of One Piece Summer at Universal Studios Japan

It’s summer again and Universal Studios Japan has brought back One Piece-themed attractions for all its patrons to enjoy. From July 5th to August 8th, the park will have the famous One Piece live-action show, possible face painting from years past, and hopefully, the highly coveted Chopper plush hat will be available for purchase. The commercial for the event aired this past Sunday during One Piece episode 599.

The plush hat is so elusive that this is the biggest picture of it I could find.

Here’s the commercial: [yframe url=’’]

Besides the limited-time events, UniversalStudios Japan has opened a slew of other One Piece related attractions such as Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant back in 2011. However, unlike your typical restaurant, this one only opens three times a day in 80 minute intervals. For more information, here’s an article we did on it when it opened.


There has been no word on whether there will be any new attractions during the event. We’ll update you guys when more news is announced.

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