©Shueisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
©Shueisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
The event “2.5 Million Otome Tokimeki Corridor at TOKYO SKYTREE” which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the monthly girls’ comic magazine “Ribon” will be held at the Tokyo Sky Tree from January 9 to March 31, 2017.
They will have telescopes which you can use to see the kiss scene of each work from the comic.
Celebrating “Ribon” and it’s 60th anniversary, this event will fill the Tokyo Sky Tree with the popular characters from Ribon.
When you arrive for the event at the 445-meter Outlook Corridor after a ride on the Lovely Shuttle (elevator) which has the popular scenes from Ribon you will see a photo spot created from the cover design of the Tokyo Sky Tree Original “Ribon”.
©Sheisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
The impressive scenes of “Tenshi nanka ja nai”, “Hime chan ‘s ribbon” and “Mamalade boy” are displayed in the Outlook Corridor.
Also, there is the “Koisuru Telescope” at the window from which you can see the kiss scene of each work with views.
©Shueisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
©Shueisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
In addition, the “Narikiri! Photo Booth” that you can enter features the cover art of works such as “Red Riding Hood”, “Good Morning Call”, “Children’s Toy”, and you can take pictures in the booth of Neighborhood Story” “Tokimeki Tonight” and “Hime-chan’s Ribon” which uses AR (Augmented reality) where you can be a heroine is also available.
© Min Ayaka, Miho Obana, Yue Takasuka/Shueisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
Be sure to see the stamp rally “Sky Kyun Date Rally with longing boy” that features the famous lines from the longing boys who were in the popular works.
©Sheisha・Ribon © TOKYO-SKYTREE
The original cafe menus have images from the popular works that you can enjoy as you dine at the café.
©Wataru Yoshizumi/Shueisha・Ribon ⓒTOKYO-SKYTREE
©Megumi Mizusawa/Shueisha・Ribon ⓒTOKYO-SKYTREE
©Ai Yazawa/Shueisya・Ribon ⓒTOKYO-SKYTREE
©Koi Ikeno/Shueisha・Ribon ⓒTOKYO-SKYTREE
©Wataru Yoshizumi/Shueisha・Ribon ⓒTOKYO-SKYTREE
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