How much would you spend on a rice cooker?
$50? $100? $200 max?

What if I told you that it modifies its cooking process according to the seasons* to provide you with the best rice possible? (*Apparently, if you want to cook the BEST rice, the amount of water differs due to changes in humidity and temperature).

Okay, what about if it has a mode that lets you cook rice RIGHT AFTER you cook the first share?

Uh… what if the rice DANCED inside the machine?

Well that’ll cost you at least 32,800円 ($370) and up to 147,000円 ($1,660). Yep. Rice cookers are serious business in Japan, and these pricey objects are very popular. Last month Sanyo celebrated selling 2,000,000 rice cookers from this “dancing rice” series.

Sanyo has a long explanation about why their rice dancing machines are superior, but in a nut shell:

1. They’ve adopted the “Pressure Adjustable IH Rice Cooker Method” to make sure that each and every grain is cooked evenly.
2. Their “dance cooking” creates sticky goodness during the boiling process and is able to distribute it equally which makes the rice taste better.
3. They use copper with high heat conduction properties for evenly cooked rice. It also gives the rice its firmness, puffiness, and glossy finish.

If they convinced you, check out these babies here.

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