Makes me hungry. Here’s the series of Rilakkuma Onigiri pics. YUM! We will be releasing another kyaben DIY videos pretty soon. Subscribe our channel on youtube and stay tuned! Until then, enjoy these yummy looking onigiri pics!!!!

Rilakkuma Onigiri reminds me a lot of YAKIONIGIRI. grilled rice balls. Yakionigiri is a traditional japanese onigiri dish ( super easy & my fav ) Very simple to make too! You can make one in less than 5mins. What you need is Soy sauce and a little bit of butter + white rice. The best part is yakionigiri could be breakfast / lunch and dinner! ( at Izakaya) so simple and it goes well with pretty much everything. One of my favorite japanese dish.

Found a great recipe if you wanna try one!

(photo source ) 

Don’t forget, our new video is coming very soon!  

 If you have any kyaraben pics you wanna share, please leave a comment:)

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