Tower Records has announced a collaboration with the popular character Rilakkuma at TOWER RECRODS CAFE in Shibuya and Omotesando, along with TOWER DINING in Ebisu. The collaboration will last from July 22, 2015 until August 30.

This is a project through the “RILAKKUMA × TOWER RECORDS” campaign held from July 10, 2015 until August 30. Several adorable foods and sweets with Rilakkuma motifs will be provided, including “Rilakkuma no Maku-Maku Hamburger” and “Rilakkuma no Very Berry Moose.” Each store will have their own limited items, so be sure to check them all out!

There will be a variety of collaboration goods as well, such as mug cups, lunch totes, and hand towels. These goods can be purchased on Tower Records Online as well.

Hours: 10:00~23:00
Last Order: 22:00

Hours: 10:00~22:00
Last Order: 21:00

Hours: 12:00~17:00
Last Order: 16:00

Menu Items

Rilakkuma no Maku-Maku Hamburger (Shibuya store only)

Rilakkuma no Very Berry Moose

Goyururi Cocoa

Kiiroi Tori no Fuwa-Fuwa Omurice (Shibuya store only)

Rilakkuma Dorayaki (Shibuya store only)

Dararan Pancake-fuu Dorayaki (Shibuya store only)

Otsuki-sama de Relax ♪ Jambalaya (Ebisu store only)

Rilakkuma Deco Latte

Dararan Anmitsu-fu Dorayaki (Omotesando store only)

Rilakkuma Nakayoshi Hamburg Teishoku (Omotesando store only)

Collaboration Goods

Rilakkuma Deco Latte (10 sheets)

Rilakkuma Cafe Original Coaster (Shibuya store)

Rilakkuma Marshmallows

Collaboration Face Glass 2015

Collaboration Mini Hand Towel

Collaboration Mug Cup 2015

Collaboration Plate 2015

Collaboration Lunch Bag 2015 with Cold Pack

Collaboration Drinking Jar 2015

Collaboration Summer Blanket 2015

Collaboration Coaster

Collaboration T-Shirt 2015

Collaboration Glass 2015


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  1. everything here looks incredible. i dont suppose any of this will be available after august? or on sale at the shinjuku store?

    i have got to get my hands on the plates and coasters at least!

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