Taiji Sawada of X Japan and LOUDNESS fame has died at 11am yesterday morning, in Saipan. This event came about after the bassist became agitated on a flight to Saipan, and was arrested for assaulting a flight attendant. He then attempted to hang himself with the bedsheets during the night and was rushed to the hospital Thursday night. His family online casino made the decision to unhook life suppport. Taiji and the HEAVEN”s  were about to start promotional activities in Korea.

I”m really not sure what to say here. Taiji was very influential on what Japanese rock is today, and millions of people will miss him. There”s truckloads of youtube videos, CDs, et cetera floating around. Some of the younger fans have no idea who he is. Either way, Taiji”s death signals the beginning of the end of an era. He will be missed.

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  1. Some of the younger fans has no idea who he is… What are these bullshits!? How young are younger fans? 15? Taiji is a legend and he deserve more attention. He was amazing tallent and personality. And his death has nothing together with hanging, they found no marks on his neck but plenty on his chest. They murdered him there and damn fans has no idea who he was? Well fuck them!

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