Collaboration café projects are very popular in Japan.
Today we would like to introduce “The Rose of Versailles Café” ” This collaboration of the popular girls’ manga “The Rose of Versailles” and CHEER’S CAFE & DINING in Hankyu Umeda’s main store will be open for a limited time from December 7th to December 27th.

“The Rose of Versailles” is a popular girls’ manga depicting the life of a cross-dressing fair lady known as Oscar and Marie Antoinette. The manga takes place from the time before the French Revolution through the first half of the Revolution. The 45th anniversary of the manga since the series began will take place in 2017.

For the first time the Rose of Versailles introduces 5 types of collaboration menus.
The menus themselves contains fascinating scenes and dialogues for fans of the manga, which are inspired by the “The Rose of Versailles Playing Card” which has gained popularity since being released in 2010.

The menu item names are so “The Rose of Versailles”-esque that when you order, you almost feel like you’re in The Rose of Versailles.

Source: Fashion Press Net

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