“How would you like Ryan Reynolds to play Pokemon?” If you asked me this question a week ago I would have said “Stop getting your ideas from the Onion News”. But today, this is really happening. One of the most well-known Japanese Anime character in the world will be played by the Deadpool/Green Lantern Man Ryan Reynolds. This is going to be the first Live-action movie of Pikachu, despite the plenty animation adaptions since the 90s.

So far, there is very little plot details announced for Detective Pikachu. All we know is the movie is based on the game “Great Detective Pikachu” where the main character’s father has been kidnapped and the main character is on his way to rescue his father alongside with Pikachu.

The movie “Detective Pikachu” is set to meet the audience on May 10th, 2019. Rob Letterman, who is known for directing animation and live-action movies, will be the director of the movie.

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