Ryuko’s (Kill la Kill) Jacket for sale

Ryuko’s jacket, my favorite outfit of hers, from the beginning of the series is being sold by Japanese company, Cospa (known for making character-specific goods from a variety of anime series). The jacket will come in 4 unisex sizes and cost 16,200 yen (roughly 158 USD). It’s quite a high asking price but for a jacket this stylish it would be a shame NOT to get it. Also, for an anime character article of clothing, it’s not garish at all and actually looks fashionable (in my opinion, which shouldn’t be taken seriously). Now all we need is a unisex recreation of Ryuko’s OTHER famous outfit. You know the one. And I would definitely buy that one. Get on it, Cospa.

ryukojacketmale ryukojacketfemale ryuko

Source: Crunchyroll Cospa store: Link

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