Japan is famous for their great service and I can say that Japanese delivery service is topnotch.  When a customer is not home, a delivery man would leave a note saying that they came at this time and leave their number.  You call them and they will come to you again the same day! Also, when you call to reschedule a delivery you can designate a time and if they are not too busy, they will come EXACTLY at that appointed time.  Also,  you never see delivery people on duty who is walking.  Seriously, they are always jogging or running. Boxes are never dented.  Sugoi! I guess that is normal in Japan but here in the states I think delivery service is… you know what I mean…

One of the delivery service company is Sagawa Express.  When I used to work for an apparel company in Tokyo, we used Sagawa all the time.  I noticed that all(ok, not all but most?) delivery men had a great smile and somehow managed to look fresh even on summer days.  My co-worker said that the highlight of her day was to see the Sagawa delivery man come into the shop to pick up/drop off boxes lol.   It wasn’t just some people who took notice of the hard working, good looking, and fit Sagawa delivery men.  I remember a gay celebrity talking about his feelings toward a Sagawa delivery man who is in charge of his area on a variety show.  And now, Sagawa Express has published a photo book of Sagawa delivery  ikemen (good looking men).   Title of this photo book is Sagawa Danshi (Sagawa Man).  This was released on August 11th and is one of the popular photo books.  Last month 7 Sagawa danshi did a meet and greet which attracted many people!

Among the 30 thousand Sagawa delivery men, 51 men were chosen to represent Sagawa in this photo book.  Here are some photos-

They also have a bento section haha

This photo book is about $17! You can purchase it here




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