I remember when I was in kindergarten, all the girls (and some boys) were obsessed with Sailor Moon.  Kids had spiral heart wands, figures, Luna & Artemis Plushies, cosmic heart compact, etc. and took it where ever.  We seriously thought that we were Sailor Moon or part of the Sailor Scouts. 

As we get older we notice that the we can’t be Sailor Moon (booo), and eventually grow out.  But for those who is a Sailor Moon look what I found on Etsy! There are many people who makes Sailor Moon inspired accessories! I found the necklaces to be very cute- here are some that I found

From glittergaragesales

From KumaCrafts

Think of getting one of the necklaces from Kuma Crafts. Kuma Crafts is my favorite! It said on their blog that they ran out with some designs but restocking soon 🙂

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