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Its critical that people remain aware of the great challenges that Japan is facing in recovering the from the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Work continues at Fukushima Daiichi on bringing the crippled nuclear reactors to a cold shutdown (estimated to be toward the beginning of 2012), as damage across the country continues to be assessed, and the monumental task of cleaning up unfolds. The Fukushima Daiichi crisis grabbed a lot of headlines, and certainly the environmental and energy impact will be a national issue for decades, but at the same time we know that so many people are suffering in silence in Japan”s northeast coastal areas. Entire communities were lost to the sea, and countless people have lost both their homes and their livelihoods. It”s both natural, and healthy for people to be thinking about moving beyond the earthquake, and returning to their everyday lives (even in Japan), but let”s not forget that many are still in need.

Tune in Tokyo will be supporting “Mighty Harajuku Project” at our Jrock showcase Sakura Bomb 4 on Tuesday, August 2nd in Little Tokyo. This initiative from 6%dokidoki founder Sebastian Masuda has been driving the revitalization of Harajuku as both a business community, and as a safe place for Tokyo”s youth to explore their dreams, hopes, and creative self-expression following the earthquake in March 2011. We will be conducting a “Mighty HRJK” fashion snap sending well-wishes to Japan, and donating net proceeds to the Give2Asia Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. More information on Give2Asia is available on their website.

We believe that “Mighty Harajuku Project” came at just the right time, seeking to inspire people to remain positive about the future, and find new ways forward following the disaster. Come party with us at 2nd Street Jazz, and as we celebrate the Japanese music and fashion we love, we”ll be showing solidarity with Japan and raising a little money to back that up. Be sure to look fierce, as we all support MIGHTY HARAJUKU!

Sakura Bomb 4 features Lemon Drop Kick, who we are thrilled to welcome back to Tune in Tokyo! They”ll be joined by American J-Pop singing sensation Stephanie Yanez featuring Po Lo, anime rock band Gemini, and melodic hard rock band HEAT! There will also be Indie-Electro beats from Do Not Feed the DJ between sets! We”re excited to be presenting this night of Japanese rock, punk, dance and Indie at Little Tokyo”s coolest venue for live music.

Sakura Bomb 4 runs from 8:30 PM – 2 AM, ages 15 will be admitted. There is a $10 cover (this includes a drink ticket worth $5 at the bar, ID policy will be strictly enforced. Sodas and non-alcoholic drinks are available). 2nd Street Jazz is located at 366 E 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California (corner of 2nd and Central in Little Tokyo). There is plenty parking available, but please make sure to check garage hours and street parking signs.

We look forward to casino online seeing everyone in Little Tokyo on Tuesday, August 2nd!

Greg Hignight
Event Promoter and DJ, Tune in Tokyo, and Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi.com Contributor

Sakura Bomb 4 Flyer - Artist Jose Macasocol, Jr.

About Tune In Tokyo
Tune in Tokyo has been spinning J-Pop, K-Pop, and International Club beats since 2008, bringing the sound of modern Asian dance pop to clubs and special events throughout Los Angeles. This five member DJ unit, featuring co-founders Greg Hignight and Del Martin, and DJs Tora, Ally, and Leett, hosts monthly events at Royal/T Maid Cafe, Shop, & Artspace, and 2nd Street Jazz in Little Tokyo, and have also presented an array of live performances featuring musicians from the United States and Japan. Tune in Tokyo presents the best in Asian and global dance pop, weaving together cutting edge electro, dance rock, and Indie with the bold Japanese street fashion scene to create a unique club experience. For more information, visit www.tuneintokyoclub.com or http://tuneintokyoclub.tumblr.com/.

About Lemon Drop Kick
Lemon Drop Kick is an engergetic Los Angeles-based female-fronted Japanese rock band whose hybrid-rock sound is a product of different musical influences and cultures. Featuring both Japanese and American members, elements of pop, emo, punk, metal, and J-rock are all pulled together to create an incredible new presence in the industry.With their combination of strong female vocals, driving, heavy guitars and hard-hitting drums, Lemon Drop Kick delivers vivid, inspirational messages through infectious hooks and melodies. With the growing popularity of Japanese rock worldwide, the Japanese/American hybrid sound of Lemon Drop Kick is winning more and more fans all across the globe. For more information please visit: http://www.facebook.com/lemondropkick.

About Stephanie Yanez
Stephanie Yanez is an American Jpop singer, Virtual Idol of Japanese anime avatar site TinierMe.com, and Anime Expo’s AX Idol. She has toured all over the States and in Japan. She has been seen on T.V. as the Tokyo Reporter for Anime Select’s Comcast On Demand documentary “Crazy Sexy Tokyo”. Miss Yanez has released numerous CD’S and singles which are all on iTunes, Amazon,etc. She has worked with Crypton Future Media, Gcrest, Aniplex USA, I’VE Sound, Geneon USA, Victor Entertainment, and Broccoli on numerous projects. She has opened up and shared the same stage with Kotoko, Yousei Teikoku, and Nikka Costa. She recently officially collaborated with Crypton Future Media’s Hatsune Miku and TinierMe with “Ultimate Miku World”, an exclusive song and music video. For more information, visit www.stephanieyanez.com.

About Do Not Feed the DJ
Rhianne Paz began her career as a DJ at the age of 6 in Strong Beach CA on her parent’s Multiplex Karaoke machine, and the rest… is audio alchemy history. Although a beat artisan in the realms of Electro and House, Rhianne is not above lacing her tracks with Dolly Parton samples. She’s been rocking casbahs in SoCal since 2001. Her resume includes: The Feline Lounge, Video Star, Long Beach Pride, San Diego Pride, Anime Expo, The Good Hurt, Tune in Tokyo, Electric Cherry Blossom, The House of Blues, and parties that end in police sirens.   Rhianne is also known for promoting events on the cusp of pop culture and electronic music.  She is the founder of the Electric Cherry Blossom Festival, a former coordinator for Orange County’s premiere women’s music event Grrl Fair, and the promoter for the There Will Be Brawl, and Party Royale. On the side, Rhianne produces TV segments, writes screenplays, direct short films and documentaries, produces web series’, and feeds cats that don’t belong to her. For more information, visit www.donotfeedthedj.com.

About HEAT
HEAT is a Southern California based Melodic Metal band formed by vocalist IZUMI, that originated in the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley area in 2007. HEAT, as of 2011, currently consists of 5 very unique and talented musicians: IZUMI (Vocals), L (Guitar), S.W. (Guitar), KAZE (Bass), and KINO (Drums). In 2007, HEAT released their 1st mini album Born to be Burn, followed by their first full album, Dark & Beauty in 2008 under their original line-up. As of 2011, S.W. as well as KINO have come on board, lending their skills towards the creation of new sounds and great energy within HEAT. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/feelsoheat.

About 2nd Street Jazz
2nd Street Jazz is the premier destination in the Little Tokyo area for music fans, with monthly Dub, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Jazz events.  The venue frequently plays host to live appearances by Asian and Asian-American artists. 2nd Street Jazz is located at 366 E 2nd Street, at the corner of 2nd and Central, in Los Angeles. For more information please visit http://www.2ndstjazz.com.

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