Sandaime J Soul Brothers have revealed the PV for their new song “J.S.B.DREAM“.


“J.S.B.DREAM” was included in the group’s latest single “STORM RIDERS feat.SLASH” released on April 22. Regarding this song, vocalist Tosaka Hiroomi commented, “It’s a song that strongly displays HIPHOP, which is our roots. It’s TRAP music that you can dance to and the lyrics show the ‘J SOUL’ of Sandaime. It’s a song that represents our first step into creating a new history. It’s also a song that we, the members, can get excited about!

In the PV, you can see the members sporting items from their apparel brand ‘J.S.B.‘ which was launched just recently. The highlight of the PV is the scene where the performers dance at their chairs. This performance was planned by ELLY.

Source & Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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