One of the things I do on my free time is to go online shopping.  I mean, don’t we all? I went on the Sanrio Japan site and found tons of stuff I want! no, NEED! But the sad thing is, I don’t think they do international shipping… well at least that will save me from going broke.  You can always check the US Saniro site to see if they carry the same products as Japan.  Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t…  Anyway, I’ll show you the stuff I added on my imaginary wishlist.

My Melody body thermometer! Kawaii~ (if I had this, I will check my body temperature everyday for no reason)

Hello Kitty Ladle (it’s heart shaped)

Hello Kitty Electronic Kettle (very useful)

Hello Kitty and My Melody Toothbrush set (for sleepovers and trips)

Hello Kitty Vanity Dresser (will use this everyday)

Champagne Glass

and… a Kitty-chan plush that is a meter tall and weighs 6kg!!!

ugh. want WANT WANT! NEEEEED! Somebody buy these for me pleeeease!





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