Kirimi-chan and her friends are cute in a unique way, but these costumes are more funny and ridiculous than cute. Can you imagine trying to walk the crowded streets of Tokyo in that Kirimi-chan costume? You would either have to walk straight and knock everyone else in the face with that thing, or you’d have to walk sideways like a crab. Considering how inconvenient Kirimi-chan’s shape is, maybe Sanrio should limit Kirimi-chan merchandise to things to cute things that can’t be used as weapons.

SPO002_kirimi_hitoKirimi-chan costumeSPO002_kirimi_hontai_m SPO004_kamaboko_hitoKamaboko-chan costumeSPO004_kamaboko_hontai SPO003_RO_SU_hitoRosu-chan costumeSPO003_rosu_hontai


Each of the costumes cost about 3,000 yen ($29.25) from Beverly.

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