Forget robots and flashy toilet video games and all that other stuff smart people in Japan have been creating…this one just may prove that we’ve finally gone too far in the name of science.


A Japanese scientist named Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed what can only be called a “poop burger”. Yep. Apparently, Ikeda made this curious “food” out of synthesized soy protein and human excrement…oh, and some steak sauce for flavoring.

Why, exactly, Ikeda or anyone would want to eat anything like this is a mystery. In the video below, it is described as being “more healthy” than our normal beef burgers. If that will influence healthy eaters to chomp into what is being called a “turd burger”, who knows. It’s pretty unlikely that this will ever catch on in a major way…obviously.

I know we’re all looking for “healthy” alternatives to the delicious junk food we love to eat, but this is probably not the right path to go down…

View the video below, and I apologize if you were eating when reading this post. Thanks, science!

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