The movie fans over at Screen Junkies put up their list of the Top 10 Japanese films of 2010.

Among the list include a film called Norwegian Wood, a Beatles reference. As their list states,

“Norwegian Wood,” originally titled “Noruwei no mori,” is a Japanese romantic drama from 2010. After hearing a Beatles song, a man remembers his life in the 1960s when his friend committed suicide and he grew close to his friend’s girlfriend.

That sounds interesting, I might have to track it down.

Check out the rest of the list. I should really watch some of these films, a few of them look pretty intriguing.

Have you seen any of these movies? Is this list on-target, or are they missing one or more that you think should be there? Leave comments, make us smile. 🙂

Oh, and click here to read our post about Screen Junkies’ list of the year’s best anime films too.

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