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For some of us, the prospect of ANY old-school Super Mario Brothers video game to be ’embarrassing’ in any way is laughable. Sure, Super Mario Bros. 2 is strange (and admittedly used a different game altogether, just with pasted-on Mario characters), but it’s still fun.

Well, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto just last month reiterated that he is “embarrassed” with the way the first Mario game hasn’t held up over time. As this article from cNET describes, Miyamoto said Super Mario Bros. was made for a different time. And because of that, he said, some of the flaws that were unable to be seen 25 years ago are glaringly obvious on today’s HD sets.

The quotes Miyamoto makes are from an interview from about a month ago, you can read it here.

This sentiment is eerily similar to those made by Star Wars creator George Lucas over the years…and Lucas, of course, re-cut, re-animated and re-released the original Star Wars trilogy in the mid 1990s and early 2000s, complete with pointlessly updated CGI effects that took away from the authenticity of the original films.

I can understand feeling melancholy about how a video game made almost thirty years ago doesn’t look spiffy on our ridiculous HD television sets and all that, but to be “embarrassed” is something I can’t really fathom.

By that same token, shouldn’t some people feel embarrassed by models of automobiles that existed forty or fifty years ago? EVERYTHING becomes outdated over time, I just don’t think it’s worthwhile to get upset about technological advances such as the ones that have impacted the video game world so strongly.

I’m not saying Miyamoto isn’t entitled to his feelings and that he shouldn’t point out issues with his own work, but for those of us who view Super Mario Bros. and all the other games as timeless classics, there’s not really anything to be ’embarrassed’ about.

But maybe that’s just me.

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