After about 10 minutes of searching for info on the guy behind these strange but oddly endearing paper dolls, I found only one story about his origins. Shin Tanaka was a street artist, which means no real job, and no money. Not being about to afford name brand kicks, he started imitating his favorite shoe brands in highly detailed paper models.  Word got around, and now over 500 artists claim a collaborative special edition paper toy with Shin. He spends most of his time developing strange characters from blank paper, and other artists design the content.  Templates for his designs have been released in numerous design magazines, and can occasionally be found online for free use.  The original design collaboration produces only one toy however. He is fierce about keeping the originality of the originals. But high demand has led him to allow production of vinyl copies of his models.  Make sure to check our his website:

They are very inspiring to look at, and you can even create your own design! Here are some of the best collaborations:

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