Shonen Jump Alpha Shifts Gear


To those who are clueless, VIZ Media decided to change their policy of their weekly digital manga, Shonen Jump Alpha, from renting the digital copy to now downloading and owning it.

Prior to the change, Shonen Jump Alpha acted like school textbook rentals where you can only VIEW the manga via online and it would only stay in your inventory as long as you had a subscription. No doubt this was a poor move since you can purchase a physical copy and keep them … well, FOREVER! AND YOU CAN TAKE IT ON-THE-GO EVERYWHERE. ON OR OFFLINE! But of course in this day and age, it is much more convenient to view them on your slim tablet or big screen phones, but if you’re on-the-go and constantly in the dead zone, then you are out of luck.

Seems like VIZ Media caved in and decided that it was better for the e-Mangas to be permanent to account holders. While the rental method works well for movie/show rentals like Netflix/Hulu, it does not seem to translate well for e-books. It is a small enough file size to be stored on mobile devices and it is much easier to access rather than being stuck in a poor reception zone waiting for each panel to load. So this is great news for us mobile addicts!

While scan-lations are always quicker, remember to support your favorite manga buy purchasing the official release!

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