The weekly manga “Shonen Jump” released an official iPhone camera application called “Jump Camera!!”

With this app, you can enjoy editing your pictures with frames and stickers from some of popular Jump manga. The app is in Japanese but if you’re curious enough, you can download it from App Store for free. Just copy and paste the key word “ジャンプカメラ!!” in the search box.

There are 3  editing features; filters, frames, and parts (or stickers) to edit. You can insert your picture to make it as a part of manga with a filter, or use a frame to appear on the cover of Jump etc.

There are more than 1,000 items to choose from some of popular manga including One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. You can download some additional filters, frames, and parts for free at the store inside the app. Recommended OS is later than iOS 5.1.

Have fun!!!Jump App 01


Jump App 02

Jump App 03

Jump App 04Jump App 05


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