Simple Plan & ONE OK ROCK’s Taka small collab!


Simple Plan is still around?! I haven’t heard about those guys since Middle School! But if you’re a fan of Simple Plan and ONE OK ROCK, it might please you to hear that Vocalist Taka has been asked to be featured in Simple Plan’s song, “SUMMER PARADISE.”

The original version of the song has been out since 2011 in the album “Get Your Heart On!” and has versions featured other artists before but this time, the band wanted this particular Japanese talent on board. The recording happened last February in Los Angeles. I know, right? Taka is so closed to us and yet so far.

SUMMER PARADISE feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK” will be available on “Get Your Heart On! Tour Edition” on March 27th so you have something to look forward to the end of this month!

If you haven’t heard the song before, here’s SUMMER PARADISE feat. Sean Paul. This should give you an idea what the song sounds like.

Source: tokyohive

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