In September earlier this year, the girl band SCANDAL released their 22nd single “Sisters.” Today, I’d like to review the first press limited edition of the single, which contains a bonus DVD containing footage of their documentary film HELLO WORLD. Thank you Tomo Tran from Sony Music Entertainment Japan for allowing us to review the single!

Sisters (Lyrics: RINA, Music: MAMI)

The song, described as a “girls rock anthem,” is perfect for the live scene, making listeners want to jump and dance along with the beat. “Sisters” is an upbeat song that pushes one’s back to move forward. I especially like the lyrics “You’re going to be left behind in the summertime if you only let out sighs.” The positive message conveyed in the song makes this number one to listen to when you’re feeling down!

LIFE IS A JOURNEY (Lyrics and Music: TOMOMI)

The B-side of this single features a more simple rock sound. I think TOMOMI’s loose vocals match the song very well, and I enjoy how the mood accelerates and then slows down throughout the song. Like the title suggests, this number provides a girl’s perspective on life in general. My favorite lines from this song are “The hero I looked up to when I was a child is now so much younger than me.”

“Documentary film 「HELLO WORLD」” Another story

The bonus DVD is a short clip following the girls’ journey during their world tour held earlier this year. You can check out behind-the-scenes footage of the band in locations such as Paris, Taiwan, and Mexico City. The desaturated footage promotes sort of an “Instagram” feeling, showing the cute side of SCANDAL. This clip provides a nice preview to the actual documentary, which I can’t wait to check out!

Overall, I think this single, especially with the bonus DVD, provides a good introduction to the band and where they stand right now! I’d definitely recommend “Sisters,” whether you’re a returning fan or a new listener.

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