Sleep Comfortably in a Giant Piece of Bread

Have you ever wanted to experience the sense of security that comes with being sandwiched between two loaves of bread (heh…) or wanted to pretend to be the chocolate filling of a cornet? Well, what’s stopping you?  It isn’t sustainable to sleep between two pieces of bread and that this is all crazy talk, you say? Well, bread heretic, I have surprising news for you!

Thanks to the folks at kraso, (Japanese website that sells awesome and strange home décor) you can choose from your favorite choice of Japanese pastries including:

a cornet

All of the comfort of cocooning yourself in a blanket with none of the hassle! Comes with a brown cover to make it look like a real cornet.


Fans of Lucky Star will probably appreciate this one more.



a cream pocket bread

20130826081530 (1)
This looks pretty comfortable but it would be pretty painful to sit it in for a long time without back support.


slices of bread 

20130826081530 (2)
The seemingly bland four pieces of bread is the most surprising of all! It can turn into a bed!

or a zabuto 

For those that want the security of a cocoon blanket but with a little breathing room. Perfect for bread roleplaying in the summer.


All of these wonderful bread lounging devices are available as a set on kraso for 16,000 yen or roughly $160 USD. While it’s priced pretty decently, shipping it to a country outside of Japan is another question (if you can even ship it outside of Japan).

For those of you that aren’t sure of the proper techniques of wearing bread can refer to a short tutorial video here:

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Source: Crunchyroll

Image source: kraso

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