On April 5, a group of artists under the collective name “sportsmusicassemblepeople” released on album titled “For My Homiez.” The album is an ode to SMAP, or as they put it, a “tribute to S.M.A.P. MOB.” The album is composed of reworkings of SMAP songs done in various hip hop and electronic music styles. On the songs, the artists rap about SMAP, Johnny & Associates, and Johnny Kitagawa. Check out more information on “For My Homiez” below!


1. ΔKTR – heyyou
2. Yasterize – Five True Real feat. carios
3. AM – Lion Heart
4. CARRE & EXO-MAGICS – Shake (Swamp/Screwed)
5. Island Huniki – Yozora No Mukou feat. unknown girl
6. haikarahakuti – Bistro
7. おーい時代 – おーいセロリ (Oi Jidai – Oi Celery)
8. Vacuum Story – がんばりましょう (Ganbarimashou) (Remix)
9. スカート (Skirt) – FLY (cover)
10. Seek Peaks – Let Me Hear
11. Tamagawa Acid Fanclub – Get You !
12. zbpt – DearWOMAN (Netz)
13. マシュマロハネムーン (Marshmallow Honeymoon) – Dynamite (cover)
14. DJ PUFPUF – Kansha
15. 嫁入りランド – セロリ (Yomeiri Land – Celery)
16. #poolsidaz – House of 1994
17. CAROLIECUT – FLY (Long Flight Edit)
18. DJ MAYAKU – オレンジ (Orange) (RE INITIATION)
19. はると – らいおんハート (Haruto – Lion Heart)

Album teaser

The album can be heard / purchased here.

Source: Arama Japan

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