It’s about time we reviewed another fun little snack food. This time around it’s all about Choco Melo-Npan.

Looks interesting...

These snacks come packaged in a bright, green box with a picture of a cartoon-ish Italian-looking chef with “Bourbon” written on his hat. That must be the company that made this item, since it’s also written on the top corner of the box. He’s also saying something (I assume about how tasty these snacks are). The contents of the box look like they might be small cream puff cakes, filled with some kind of tan colored substance.

Common sense would dictate that this filling would be chocolate, since ‘choco’ is in the title. But no, the folks at Bourbon threw me for a loop.

The ingredients on the back indicate that these snacks are bread-based, so I’m expecting some type of cookie texture/taste.

Inside the box, the snacks are packaged inside a green bag with the chef guy’s face on it. There’s also a freshness-preservative tab in the bag to keep it all from going stale.

individually wrapped goodness
individually wrapped goodness

Now for the taste test…the mysterious tan-colored filling is a sort of cantaloupe flavor, which was very surprising. It makes sense now, though, since there is a greenish fruit pictured on the box next to the Chef guy…probably a cantaloupe. A-ha!

It actually tastes very good, but the little puffs are rather dry in texture.

so tiny!
so tiny!

The bag doesn’t really smell like cantaloupe, instead it smells kind of strange. Despite that, the puffs taste pretty good, even if they aren’t very fresh. The amount of puffs in the bag is just about right, as when I had just about had enough of these little things, the bag was empty.

I like how this snack has a cantaloupe flavor, as that’s not really a flavor variety we see much of here in the States. If we want to eat something cantaloupe, we have to actually go out and buy a cantaloupe, which involves cutting it up and potentially making a big mess. No thanks. Companies like Bourbon thankfully make little snacks like Choco Melo-Npan which make it a lot easier to enjoy some cantaloupe-y goodness.

Rating: 4.5/5, missing out on a perfect score just because the puffs aren’t super soft in texture. Everything else about Choco Melo-Npan was delicious.

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