Up for today’s review is a bag of Doraemon gummy snacks. Since it’s Doraemon-related, the bag is insanely colorful, and has pictures of the gummies that are inside the bag. There’s a blue one with his face, a yellow pineapple one, a pink (strawberry?) flavor and some outlines of what look like soda cups. Doraemon himself is holding a mysterious black soda cup with a question mark on it, but I don’t know what that is supposed to be saying. I don’t quite know what the soda cups mean in general, but the gummies inside the bag are delicious, so whatever.

As expected, the candies in the bag are fruity and delectable, just as any bag of gummy candies usually are. They do leave just a bit of an aftertaste, however. It’s not enough to be a knock against the gummies though, as it’s a slight aftertaste, nothing super annoying.


Needless to say, this is the kind of candy that I’m sure little kids make their parents buy all the time. Doraemon is one of the most identifiable anime/manga characters in Japan, and his face on a bag of candy surely excites kids to no end. Thankfully, the candies in the bag are actually pretty good, too. It’d be a shame if they were lame gummies with bland flavors, but that’s not the case.

Rating: doraemon-doraemon-040713doraemon-doraemon-040713doraemon-doraemon-040713doraemon-doraemon-040713doraemon-doraemon-040713/5. Great.

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