While out getting lunch today, I saw this box on the shelf and decided to buy it. It’s called Cream Collon, and it’s manufactured by Ezaki Glico, the same company responsible for Pocky, the very popular candy snack.

The box is small and colorful, as you can see, and inside there’s a bag filled with little crumbly puff cookie things with a filling that almost tastes vanilla but isn’t as flavorful as it could be. It’s alright though.


The little puffs are small and there are a lot of them in the bag. I can see these being very popular with kids, since they’re so small and sweet.


My only issue with Cream Collon puffs would have to be the filling, because it’s not exactly as tasty as it could (or should) be. It’s okay as it is, but it isn’t perfect. Overall these little puff cookie cracker things are really good, despite the ‘flaw’ with the filling.

Rating: hello kitty face (50 x 50)hello kitty face (50 x 50)hello kitty face (50 x 50)hello kitty face (50 x 50)hello kitty face halfout of 5.

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