You know what”s AWESOME?


You know what else is AWESOME?

White chocolate.

You know what is the most AWESOME of all time??

Led Zeppelin.

Today I found something at a local Japanese grocery that combines 2 out of 3 of the above. White chocolate and koalas. (Let”s face it, there”s no way to cram Led Zeppelin into a snack food, although I”m sure somewhere down the line, someone has tried to do so. And failed. And such is life.) And, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I love koalas… and white chocolate.

Ladies, gentlemen and assorted cephalopods, may I present to you… KOALA”S MARCH!!*trumpets blare, heralding the entrance of awesomeness*

With all seriousness, this snack is pretty awesome. I wasn”t expecting anything super amazing, because I had tried a similar panda themed product once upon a time (long long ago, in a galaxy far far away). However, I found… something epic. Sweet, crunchy, with a cool white chocolate middle and super best online casino cute pictures of koalas on the front of the box… I could totally eat this all day. It tastes great as a snack with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea!

A Google search tells me that even if you are not one of those lucky people living near a Japanese market, you could get your paws on a box of Koala”s March in strawberry, chocolate, and white chocolate flavors (otherwise known as the Golden Trio of snack food flavors). Amazon and Walmart carry them. Unfortunately those three flavors are the only ones available in the USA. The lucky people living in Japan would be able to get koalas in a myriad flavors, including cafe latte, honey, banana and pineapple.

Best part is, the company also supports the Australian Koala Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of koalas and their natural habitats. Which is great, since there is only about 100,000 koalas left on this whole planet. If you are interested in helping preserve the koala”s natural habitat, you can check the Australian Koala Foundation”s official website and donate money. ( )There is also an official koala month… unfortunately, it”s in September, quite a way away.

But until then… there are koala cookies. Awesome white chocolate koala cookies filled with awesomeness.

Yes, I may have a sugar high… why do you ask?


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  1. Yeah, I’m from Brazil and here we recieve the same 3 flavors. I’ve eaten March for +-10 years, it’s awesome indeed. Nice review!

  2. I live in Sweden and wonder if anyone knows were I can buy Koala´s March on the internet – Tanx 🙂

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