Up for review today are these light little Oreo sticks infused with the taste of Matcha green tea, created by Nabisco Japan and obtained in West Los Angeles.

As expected, these sticks, which come 9 to a box spread across 3 individually-wrapped packages, have a strong green tea flavor that lasts long after you’ve eaten the snack.

Once you open the compact little box, you see that there are three packages inside, each containing 3 Oreo sticks. Given their thin width and small size, 3 is a pretty decent portion for each individually-wrapped container.

The sticks themselves are light and airy, and aren’t totally overwhelmed with green tea flavor. After you finish, though, the green tea flavor kicks in, and stays with you a few minutes after you’re done. To some people that might be a problem, but if you dig strong green tea/matcha flavor you probably won’t have a problem with it.

Overall, these Oreo sticks are pleasant enough; as someone not in love with strong green tea flavors, the aftertaste can be a bit much, but that’s probably not the same reaction everyone will have.

Rating: 4/5

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