Well, this is just delightful.

Up for review today are Nabisco’s Oreo Chocolate Bar Mini. More than just a chocolate cookie bar, these little things have a nice strawberry flavor added on, for extra deliciousness.

I’d have liked to include a picture of an unwrapped bar, but our bag must have spent too much time in room-temperature ocnditions, as each little individually-wrapped treat was smushy and melted together. Despite the lack of appearance, these things taste great, just as you’d expect. The traditional chocolatey Oreo flavor is strong, and the hint of strawberry adds another dimension for your tastebuds.

If you would like to buy some of these for yourself, they aren’t available on US store shelves…however, you can purchase some here. That site, napaJapan, says they have “limited quantities” available, so don’t sleep on it!

Happy snacking!

Our rating: 4 vertical Pokeballs!

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