Snow Man has delighted fans worldwide with the release of their latest music video “Kimi wa Bokuno mono (You Are Mine).” This charming track, which translates to “You Are Mine” in English, marks the second digital release from Snow Man’s highly anticipated double A-side 11th single.

The sweet-sounding “Kimi wa Bokuno mono” (English: “You Are Mine”) serves as the theme song for the romantic drama “Aoshima-kun wa Ijiwaru,” starring group member Shota Watanabe. The accompanying multistyle music video, rich with first-person POV interactions, showcases the energetic nonet at a beach house, inviting viewers to join them as their special guests in this romantic setting!

Shota Watanabe

The physical disc will be released on July 31st, 2024. You can find the CD at various stores where Japanese CDs are sold. The disc includes bonus tracks and exclusive behind-the-scenes video content spread across three separate discs.


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