Is it soft serve, udon, or udon ice cream? A place in Kagawa Prefecture called Shoyumame Main Shop x Naniwadou Mochiten is selling this unique ginger flavored soft serve that looks exactly like udon. The toppings that look like soy sauce and negi (scallion) slices are soy sauce and negi though. I have heard that putting a little soy sauce on flan will make the dessert taste like sea urchin, so I guess it can’t be abysmal. There are also many examples of delicious sweet and salty desserts, but I cannot come up with a good reason for giving the negi a chance.

Kagawa Prefecture take pride in being the capital of udon in Japan, so Shoyumame Main Shop x Naniwadou Mochiten modified an ice cream machine in order to create this udon look-alike soft serve.





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