Yup, it”s that time of the year. The sun is shining… The birds are chirping… and everywhere people are sneezing, snorting, and shaking their fists at the happily blooming trees. Spring”s here and it”s come a bit early this year. We can feel it in the air, when we go out. Our newsfeeds are clogged with photos of pink clusters of flowers against a blue sky; or else, how everyone EXCEPT you best online casino went to hanami… You know, the usual inferiority complex inducing stuff.

On the bright side… it”s the Easter weekend. And Passover weekend. And Kurt Cobain and That Guy From That Other Grunge Band Died a Bunch of Time Ago weekend. And Only 51 More Years Until First Contact With the Vulcans weekend. We”re all free to frolic in the sunshine, enjoy the company of our families and children… and post photos of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Bonus points if you used Instagram!!

With that said… I”d like to bring you yet another one of my favorite DuelJewel songs. Enjoy!! And happy holidays… whatever you may celebrate!!

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