If you missed this last Wednesday when it aired, here’s your chance to laugh.

South Park, the crude (and amazing) cartoon series on Comedy Central decided to pay tribute to My Neighbor Totoro, the anime classic in its most recent episode.

Without delving too deeply into the nonsense that went on in this episode, Eric Cartman (the fat kid, if you don’t watch South Park much), through some ridiculous events, starts hanging out and being friends with Cthulhu, the mythical demon creature. Cartman is mad at his friends so he enlists the help of Ctuhlhu, currently enslaving the world, and the two have this bonding moment that, inconceivably, resembles the very same friendship in My Neighbor Totoro.

Here’s the original sequence in My Neighbor Totoro that South Park alluded to:

Here’s the link to the South Park clip, but since it’s South Park, the language may not be suitable for every viewer. Click at your own risk. It is pretty hilarious, though.


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