There are all sorts of special Coca-Cola such as Coca-Cola Vanilla (so awesome) and Coca-Cola Orange (well, we can’t all be perfect) but have you ever heard of Coke made with different water?


Introducing the Special edition Coca Cola made with Okinawan water. Reportedly there’s no change in taste, however, which is disappointing to say the least but at least it has a rad can design with a shisa (lion dog) that is prominent in Okinawan culture. The can design is littered with other aspects of Okinawan culture such as the akabanaa (hibiscus) which is the prefecture’s flower. There are also manta rays! (Probably because the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium has had success in getting their mantas to breed which is normally difficult to do in an aquarium environment).

You could package water in this can and I would buy it. But that’s already a thing…


Coke enthusiasts; please be warned that I am not kidding when I say that there is no change in flavor. So don’t go importing a bunch of cans of Special edition Coca Cola made with Okinawan water expecting to feel the full glory of Okinawa. But if you’re hard-pressed to try some Special edition Coca Cola made with Okinawan water, you’re free to order some online from here (assuming you can read Japanese or are able to navigate it with some Google translating). It’s 120 yen or roughly $1.18 USD so they’re the same price as any ‘ol can of Coke. I’m not sure about the legality of shipping a foreign liquid into your country so make sure you this can go through customs before you pay for this pretty can of Coke (that doesn’t taste any different from regular Coke).

Now I kinda want to get a can these for myself. It’s just so pretty…

Source: Rocketnews24
Image source: Rocketnews24

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