A special collaboration talk between HISASHI (guitarist of GLAY) and Sawamura Sayako (drummer of Negoto) was held on Natalie to commemorate the release of GLAY’S 52nd single. Today, I’ll be translating the first part of this talk between these two great musicians.

Source: Natalie
Interview/Article: Nakano Akiko
Photos: Sasamori Kenichi

GLAY released their triple A-side single “HEROES/微熱Ⓐgirlサマー/つづれ織り~so far and yet so close~ (HEROES/Binetsu A-girl Summer/Tsudure-ori ~so far and yet so close~)” on May 25th in midst of their 20th anniversary year.

This single includes “HEROES” written by TERU (Vo) and “Binetsu A-girl Summer” written by HISASHI (G), along with a long-time fan-favorite “Tsudure-ori ~so far and yet so close~.” “Binetsu A-girl Summer” has especially been receiving large attention from music fans, for it welcomed Negoto’s Sawamura Sayako as the drummer and Fantastic Plastic Machine’s Tanaka Tomoyuki as the arranger.

The collaboration happened from HISASHI’s “love call” towards Sawamura. Natalie conducted a special talk in order to discover the background of this collaboration.

– Natalie received huge reactions when posting on the news that Sayako-san will be participating in “Binetsu A-girl Summer.”

Sawamura: I’m happy to hear that.

HISASHI: We had a concept of collaborating with a variety of drummers in “MUSIC LIFE” (an album released in November 2014) as well. I thought of making an offer to Sayako-chan, but felt that it may be a bit too early, so I let it go once. But I’ve been waiting since last year for a chance to collaborate.

Sawamura: Thank you!

HISASHI: Also, when I went to Negoto’s concert last July at EX THEATER, I felt that the band really matured; that’s definitely a reason why I made this offer. I had always liked the atmosphere of the songs that Negoto creates. Each member’s character lives in the sound, and I was especially attracted to the drums.

Sawamura: Two years ago, HISASHI-san mentioned in an interview on “Rhythm&Drum・Magazine” that a band that interested him was Negoto.

– I see.

Sawamura: After hearing such happy words, we wanted to invite him to a concert; we asked through Twitter. He really did come, and our exchanges began.

HISASHI: Yeah, our interactions started through Twitter. I’ve had three great encounters in my life: guitars, the Internet, and cars. I’ve been effectively utilizing Social Networking Sites on the Internet. There have been many opportunities where online encounters have connected into jobs.

– How did you learn about Negoto?

HISASHI: I like new bands, and go forward myself to discover new music. I found out about Negoto when looking at Matome sites, wondering if there were any good new bands. Negoto’s music is “fluffy,” but also solid at moments, which was very memorable. And I’m repeating myself here, but I was really drawn to Sayako-chan’s drums. She seems gentle, but plays fills in such a fast speed that we can’t even see. I’m attracted to the smooth movements.

– GLAY has been collaborating with a variety of drummers during recording from a few years ago. One compilation of that is the newest album “MUSIC LIFE.”

HISASHI: Yes. Until then, we were pretty conservative; there were times when we feared change. But before he passed, Sakuma Masahide-san told us “GLAY should definitely play with Takahashi Makoto-san.” (Takahashi Makoto was the drummer of BOØWY.) This finally became reality in “MUSIC LIFE,” an album Kameda Seiji-san produced. It felt like we reached another new area after 20 years since debuting. So this collaboration with Sayako-chan is a continuation of this new attempt.

Sawamura: It’s such a great honor. For me, GLAY was a legendary band ever since I can remember, and I always thought of them as people living in a completely different world from me. To me, their existence was almost like “Are they real?” So I was truly surprised when I received this offer. I couldn’t believe it. We recorded the song about ten days after receiving the offer, but I couldn’t get myself to listen to the song for almost five days. It felt like a dream.

HISASHI: That makes me really happy. Did we debut around the time you were born? What year were you born?

Sawamura: 1990.

HISASHI: Ah, that’s when we were filled with hope aiming to make it big in Tokyo. We were clueless about the dark ages to follow after…

(To be continued…)

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