SPEED members Imai Eriko (ERI) and Shimabukuro Hiroko (HIRO) have formed a new unit called ‘ERIHIRO‘. They will release their first single “Stars” on August 26.

With the theme “sound play for adults,” ERIHIRO will aim to send out music into the world that both members and users are able to enjoy in full force. For the single’s title track “Stars”, they teamed up with DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. It’s said to be a fusion of EDM and pop music.

speed_1435819517_af_org (1)

ERI and HIRO are very eager to get their activities started. “Please enjoy the fusion of EDM and pop as well as the big difference in our ‘visual’ and ‘way of singing’!!” said ERI, while HIRO commented, “I hope everyone can enjoy this project where we can try things we have never seen or known before.

Source & Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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