Steins;Gate Coming to PS3 and PS Vita 2015

The Steins;Gate visual novel has been out on PC in English for a while now but it’s now making its way onto console (PS3 and PS Vita) next year. It’s been announced on the Steins;Gate Facebook and by publisher PQube that the visual novel is coming to America and Europe some time in 2015. As for whether the release will be digital-only, the publisher mentioned it is in their best interest to try and get a physical version of the game out there.


For those of you that are fans of the anime series, the visual novel is more expansive than what the anime portrayed. While the anime was an amazing interpretation of the visual novel, it didn’t cover everything so for die-hard fans this is definitely another opportunity to play the visual novel. I’ll personally be getting the PS Vita version because after countless hours of playing visual novels on the PC, my scrolling finger needs a rest (I think it’s starting to get more muscular than my other fingers…)


Steins;Gate Facebook page


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