This news made my day yesterday. Studio Ghibli’s latest film “From Up on Poppy Hill / Kokuriko Zaka Kara” 『コクリコ坂から』will be released in March 2013 in America. I have’t got an chance to watch it in Japan, I believe the Blue-Ray just came out in Japan! I just can’t wait to watch it in a theater… I’ve read pretty good reviews online and after going to The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo (!!!!) last winter, I am the biggest fan of Ghibli world. I feel like I can finally say it! haha:) I will blog about the museum experience very soon! It was beyond awesome. period. But you know it already. It’s STUDIO GHIBLI! One of the best moments // places in Japan. Can’t wait to go back there. Seriously!

watch this trailer and get ready for next spring!

Can’t stop listening to this theme song of the movie. What great melodies.

Also, there is this great documentary of Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro, making scenes of KOKURIKO SAKA KARA, on TV back in summer 2010. I highly recommend to watch it. Please share your thoughts with me if you’ve already watched it:)


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  1. You can already get the DVD from Europe since we get the japanese anime way ahead of the states. You can get it from a UK shop though I guess you ‘ll prefer to watch it on a big screen. ^^
    I’ll wait for your post about the Ghibli museum. The only time I tried to go I didn’t know you had to get your ticket in advance so I couldn’t get in and it was my last day in Tokyo. I may try to go this year.
    Have you visited the Tezuka Osamu museum near Osaka?

  2. I saw the documentary but it was all in Japanese!!! Right of when I started to watch it I made up my mind that I need to find a Japanese person that could tell me what is going on, Specially the interactions between Miyazaki Goro and Miyazaki Hayao. I can’t seem to find anything in english about documentary online.
    I saw the film too and I enjoyed it.

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