I don’t know what to say, other than “SUGOI!!!!” Look at these fashionable kitties in those ridiculous costumes. When I saw the ads for this book online, I was like.. wow. I mean, I get cats are cute but do they have to dress up like ROLITA GIRLS? This is a picture book called “Fashion Cats”

The book Fashion Cats shows the designs of Japan’s number one feline couture tailor Takako Iwasa who runs one of the most famous cat boutiques in the world.  Her web store – Cat Prin: The Tailor of a Cat, sells cat outfits with names like “Frog Transformation Set,” “Young Lady Blouse,” and “Shawl of a Rabbit.” ( Kingdom of style)

If you wish, you can purchase a copy here. Kitty kitty kitty. Meow.

Dont forget to check out the official  website!

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