Hifana – “Wamono” (Japanese)

Hifana, which means south winds in Okinawan, is a breakbeat duo that came together in 1998 in Tokyo. This amazing animated video won the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award in 2005.

The Back Horn – “Utsukushii Namae” (Beautiful Name)

The Back Horn is a rock band that also got started in Tokyo in 1998. This video uses burning matches that are in sync with the music. There is a lighter version as well.

Louis Vuitton – “Superflat Monogram”

This is a commercial for Louis Vuitton created by famed artist, Takashi Murakami. The song is by electronic music artist, Fantastic Plastic Machine, called “Different Colors.”

Cibo Matto – “Sugar Water”

Cibo Matto, meaning crazy food in Italian, is a two piece Japanese female band. This is a pretty awesome video where the right side is the story being rewinded and the left side is playing it back.

Aoki Sayaka – “Nokogiri Girl” (Saw Girl)

This one’s just for fun and actually has quite a story to it, so here it is briefly. There’s a Japanese TV show called London Hearts and it’s well known for pulling pranks on comedians. Comedian Kano Eiko, known as a doofus who thinks he’s a musical genius, wrote this ridiculous song that Aoki Sayaka (comedienne) got tricked into making her own without knowing that Kano was the writer. She was among the London Hearts guests who were cracking up at Kano’s songs.

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