This just doesn’t make much sense, if you ask me (which you didn’t, I know).

Apparently, a game made by a Japanese developer that is a painfully obvious Super Mario Bros. copyright infringement is somehow available in the Apple App store for download.

supposedly some of the visuals from this "new" game

As Videogamer details, the game copies art and images from 2007’s Super Paper Mario, and only superficially tweaks the gameplay and plot:

You don’t play as Mario, however – instead players take control of doppelganger Monino. FeiYingInfo’s app description sums up the plot: “The protagonist of this game named Monino, in the story of this game, Monino’s brother was captured by a monster named Bowler, he is on the road to Bowler’s castle to rescue his brother, a lot of monsters in different levels are waiting for him, would you like to join Monino’s rescue action? Go!”

I don’t know much about copyrights and lawsuits and all that, but this looks like it has got to be one of the most blatant attempts at unlicensed copying of a huge brand like Super Mario Bros. The orange Bowser named “Bowler”, the Koopa with a band-aid on its nose, etc. So silly.

I have no idea how the developer, FeiYingInfo, managed to get this game so far and actually available in the App Store.

Perhaps a rather imposing lawsuit is on its way to them soon.

What do you think? How could this game have been green-lit?


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