Joystiq posted an article hinting that there may be a United States release of the Super Street Fighter IV anime that is currently only going to be available to Japanese gamers (as we discussed previously). One of the package deals of the game in Japan comes with an anime chronicling the history of the new character Juri, but as this follow-up article mentions,

A Super Street Fighter IV anime project is in the works from the Gonzo animation company. The anime focuses on Juri (and her weird glowing eye), but also contains “great fighting action,” “backstory goodness,” and “plenty of Cammy and the Dolls,” according to Capcom’s Seth Killian.

The article also mentions that the trailer for the anime IS available in the US Xbox 360 Marketplace, indicating that it may eventually be released in this country. Here’s the trailer in question:

I’m sure a lot of American Super Street Fighter IV fans are excited about the prospect of this anime being released here as well as in Japan. We’ll keep you posted.

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