Miike, the controversial filmmaker known mostly for his ultra-violent films like Audition and Ichi the Killer, scored a big hit this year with his family film Ninja Kids!!!

The film was a live-action version of the Nintama Rantarō anime, chronicling the adventures of a group of young ninjas at a training school.

Apparently, plans are already being made for an English-language remake of the film. It definitely does seem like a great idea for a children’s movie, and will likely be a huge hit in the USA if the remake comes to fruition.

As Cinemablend detailsNot surprisingly, Ninja Kids!!! has stirred interest in Hollywood and according to THR negotiations are already underway to snatch up the rights and churn out a remake where the actors speak English instead of Japanese. This news comes only one month after the film started showing in Japan and appeared at the New York Asian Film Festival.

Check out the trailer for Miike’s film below.

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