tama station cat

JapanProbe posted this cute story about Tama, the cat who is the official stationmaster of Kishi Station in Japan, and how she will be wearing a special Christmas uniform until December 25. The Wakayama Electric Railway Company named her the stationmaster a year or so ago, in the throes of a deep financial crisis. Since Tama was named stationmaster, the company has experienced thousands of visitors who came primarily to  see Tama and purchase some of the various merchandise items for sale at the station, which has helped out its financial trouble greatly.

While it is somewhat silly to name a cat a ‘stationmaster’ of a train station, you certainly can’t deny how cute this story is. Plus, Tama wears a little outfit for Christmas!

Here’s a video highlighting just how popular Tama is in the area…

and here’s another video about her Christmas outfit…

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