My friend is thinking of getting a tattoo.  I know that at one point or another we all think of getting one, but actually getting it done is some other story. I really wanted one few years back, but since I couldn’t think of a design I was sure for living the rest of my life with, I got tired of thinking and eventually gave up. My friend wants something unique, so while I was helping her look for an inspiration design, I started to sidetrack and came across these people who got the most awesome/cutest/weirdest/regret later tattoos.

First up! the world famous kitty- Hello Kitty











Kitty on a bike




















Luffy- One Piece













Mario & Luigi























Goku- Dragon Ball













Ghibli characters














Sailor Moon



































Don’t know about you guys, but I will never want any tattoos like these.  It’s kawaii/kakkoii but I would not want a Doraemon suck on me for the rest of my life- even though he is my favorite character.  So before you get a tattoo, always think hard!

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