Cheers to another Thursday! The Labor Day weekend is just around the corner!

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday song is “謎 (Nazo, Mystery)” by 小松未歩 (Komatsu Miho).

I’m sure many Case Closed fans are familiar with this song. In fact, Komatsu Miho rose to popularity with this debut song, as it was used for the third opening theme of the anime in 1997!

“Nazo” is Komatsu’s highest-selling single, selling over 350,000 copies. Because it was used as the opening for about a year, the song became a long-time hit and continued to rank in the Oricon charts for 8 months!

The song continues to be one of the most popular theme songs of Case Closed, along with “Secret of my heart” by 倉木麻衣 (Kuraki Mai).

A cool little side note… In the 1999 film Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century, you can hear the members of the Shonen Tanteidan hum the song.


Komatsu herself wrote the words and music, and welcomed 古井弘人 (Furui Hirohito) as the arranger. The song revolves around the mystery of love, as a friendship evolves into something more.

But this uneasiness in my heart… I want to see you right now
When I capture your mysterious love, the world will be born again

Although I enjoy the song as an entirety, my favorite part is the end. I was listening to the song while on the freeway, and realized how the last part is perfect for listening to while driving (and hopefully not being stuck in traffic).

The B-side “言葉にできない (Kotoba ni Dekinai, I can’t express it in words)” is another cool number composed by Komatsu. It’s a bummer I can’t embed it, but here‘s a direct link to the song!

I found an English version of the song, “Mystery” by Stephanie Nadolny. Apparently it was used for the English dubbed versions of Case Closed episodes.

Special unit 愛内里菜&三枝夕夏 (Aiuchi Rina & Saegusa Yuka) covered the song as their B-side of “100の扉 (Hyaku no Tobira, 100 Doors)” in 2006. Aiuchi and Saegusa, along with Komatsu, have performed for many of Case Closed‘s theme songs! Here’s a great live performance by the unit (starting around 5:01).

On September 16, rising girl group La PomPon will be releasing a cover of the song as a double A-side single. The song will be used as the upcoming theme song of Case Closed! Ah, let the childhood memories come back… With super fresh dance moves.

I need to binge watch Case Closed again sometime soon! As usual, if you have any requests, leave a comment in the section below! See you guys!


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  1. i have not seen yet Miho Komatsu live performances. i have been a huge fan of her but since i don’t live in Japan i know only a little about her performances except from her CDs. thank you very much for writing this article. looking forward to Miho Komatsu’s news. any information would be much appreciated! 🙂

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