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Photo from the rooftop. a life size Laputa Robot. LIFE SIZE PEOPLE!!!

The Ghibli Museum (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館, Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Bijutsukan) is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli, one of Japan’s most famous animation studios.

I went there on March 12th, 2012 last time I was in Tokyo! All I can say is I just can’t wait to go back. You know what? you can’t take any photos or videos at the museum so the photos are limited here on this blog, so you just gotta go and see what the Ghibli world is all about!

According to Japan Guide, Purchasing from outside of Japan

Tickets can be purchased from overseas offices of JTB. Tickets for a given month go on sale three months in advance on the 1st of the month. You will be given a voucher with a specified entry date printed on it. You can exchange the voucher at the museum for your ticket (passport required) at anytime during your entry day.

I live in Los Angeles and I knew that I had to get tickets on the 1st of the month from LAWSON convenience store located in Japan. so what I did was I asked my mom to reserve 2 tickets for us and she mailed me the tickets! I remember 2 summers ago, I wanted to go but it was all sold out every single day of August.. so make sure you get your tickets from JTB at least one month before the date you wanna go! Holidays and weekends are often sold out! Tickets { 1000 yen } are very reasonably priced and it’s such a popular destination in Tokyo for everyone!

The street views are soooo beautiful from Mitaka Station, JR Line, only 10 – 15 mins train ride from Shinjyuku station! I highly recommend you to take a nice walk to the museum. So many trees and parks. Very quiet and peaceful small streets. I felt like the Ghibli world starts from there, at Mitaka Station. Dont’ worry – you won’t get lost because there’re so many Ghibli signs everywhere! There are shuttle busses from Mitaka Station to Ghibli Museum ( 5mins ride ) too.

Here’s a little tip for you! So Mitaka JP station is pretty big. I mean It has a cute bakery // convenience stores // cafe // restaurants // book stores and etc.. My husband and I got some yummy treats ( Curry Pan!) from a bakery and a cup of coffe for a nice 20 mins walk to the museum. It was just perfect.

Second tip for you! There are Ghibli cafe and restaurant at the museum, on the looftop of second floor. It’s pretty cute, you can sit outside and enjoy the nice afternoon weather or wait in a super long line to get in to the restaurant. I only went to the little cafe and it was such a small potion but yummy! They had hot green tea, hotdogs, a soup  in last March. In summer, they have a different menu. Probably no hot teas // hot soup.

Third tip! There’s a life size NEKO BUS. Cat Bus. on 3rd floor. It’s a play room for kids! I wish I would have come here when i was a little. Kid’s dream come true for sure. A life size LAPUTA ROBOT on the roof, too! Bring your camera, you can take amazing photos! ( only outside of the building.)

I don’t wanna spoil you so I am not going to talk about the details of art too much.

Tip 4. The shot films (11 mins) was amazing. I laughed a lot! It was funny, there was 3 year-old girl sitting next to me and the movie was really cute, a story about a puppy and a boy. It was kids friendly and such a hear-warming family movie but there was a mean kitty for a 2 second and the girl started crying because the kitty looked so mean! haha

Tip 5. Bathrooms are so cute. The cutest // arty restrom I have ever been! Don’t forget to check out all the art on the wall!

Tip 6. You will be spending some money at the Ghibli Gift Shops on 3 rd floor. I spent about 10,000 yen. (about $100 USD) Got some gifts for my friends and families. A lot of beautiful post cards. Figures. Art. Books. etc. I was there for over a hour!

Tip 7. You can stay there as long as you want! They say, you have 2 hours when you enter but no one checks after all. I was there for over 3 hours. The museum is not big, pretty small I would say. However, tons of stuff to see and you’ll wanna go back to the first room and see again and again!

The view from JR, train ride.

You'll receive movie tickets (above) when you enter. You can only watch movie once!

tickets look like these, above.

my best friend totoro! I will see you soon!!!

If you have any questions, let me know:) thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your review. I have tickets to go to Ghibli Museum which I bought from JTB-USA. JTB told me that I would have to get to the museum 20 minutes before the 2 hours entrance times (i.e. 1:40pm for 2pm or 3:40pm for 4pm). Do you know if I can go any time or does it have to be these specific times only?

    Thanks for any info.

    1. Hi! You should ask JTB about it. Usually you have to pick the time when you buy tickets so that tickets are only good for these specific time only. you should double check with JTB for sure. have fun!!!!

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