The KKS Guide to a Hikikomori Halloween Pt.2 (Games)

Anime might not be everyone’s cup of tea so here are a few games to satiate your taste for horror or generally cheesy Halloween goodness.


Corpse Party


With a name like CORPSE PARTY the game is BOUND to be scary. You bet your sweet behind that it’s scary. Originally released on PC and created on the RPG Maker engine, Corpse Party is an adventure game where a group of elementary school students get tread too far in territory they don’t understand and get sent to Heavenly Host Elementary School (this game sure isn’t subtle when it comes to their naming). The game plays like a traditional adventure game where you walk up and examine everything and hope it works out. However, if you play like this, you’ll be met with a lot of dead end/game overs as there are parts in the game that requires you to do things in a certain order or else the game gets upset and kills you. Also, the game holds NO qualms about showing the gore of elementary school students. Trust me when I say that some of art shown is NOT for the faint-hearted. Other than PC (Windows XP up to Windows 7) you can get the game on PSN and play it on your PSP or Vita. If you like it there is a sequel of sorts also available on PSN, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows which plays more like a Visual Novel instead of an adventure game but it’s just as scary. Check it out if you’re wanting of good scare.




This isn’t a horror game in the typical sense as there are no scary monsters out to get you (arguable) or anything supernatural happening to the protagonists. However, it IS still a murder mystery that plays like a fusion between Phoenix Wright and the 999 series where you attend a school with the country’s unconventionally “elite” students. However, turns out you’re not really going to high school but instead participating in a Lord of the Flies/Battle Royale/Hunger Games-esque survival game where you MUST be able to commit a murder of one of your fellow classmates without anyone finding out. The game is text-heavy as it IS a visual novel but the plot is interesting enough to keep your attention. It is currently only out on PSP in Japan, however for those that have the know-how there’s an English patch out. Don’t fret though; if you want to wait for an official English release, it’s coming to the PS Vita in English early 2014 which contains both the first game and second game (which has yet to be translated as the translators of the first game would rather have people support the official release).


Monobear or Monokuma; confirmed best-worst character of 2013.  ~kuma
Monobear or Monokuma; confirmed best-worst character of 2013.

Silent Hill 3

Heather, best video game waifu.

It’s quirky, it’s silly, and it’s legitimately scary, Silent Hill 3 needs to be played by everyone. If you’ve never played it before, the controls might take some getting used to as it is reminiscent of older survival games but it is in no way difficult to control. I honestly have nothing else to say about this game other than it is amazing and has Heather Beam. Plus Heather is best video game waifu. It’s available on PS2 and is part of the Silent Hill HD collection for PS3 but I advise not to get this collection as it is plagued with bugs.



I apologize for my Halloween game recommendations are as bountiful as some might expect but my gaming repertoire consists of visual novels and Phoenix Wright (you’re damn right it’s its own genre). If you have any specific game you want to recommend, leave a comment below.

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